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Latest news.

Latest news.


Introducing ResiCare adhesive technology.

ResiCare's mission is to develop high performance and SVHC* free resins towards biobased raw materials. These resins are dedicated to industrial applications such as rubber good products, wood panels or insulators. Discover ResiCare in motion.

*SVHC=Substance of Very High Concern (as defined by European Chemicals Agency)

ResiCare and the circular economy at Michelin.

ResiCare is fully committed to Michelin’s circular economy by focusing its activities around the 4 R's: renew, reuse, recycle and reduce. Discover Virginie, in charge of customer success, giving a presentation during a forum at the Michelin research center.


ResiCare: new responsible adhesives find uses “beyond tires”

An illustration of the Group’s “all sustainable” strategy and its ambitions for development “beyond tires”.





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Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence Winners

This year’s Tire Manufacturer of the Year was awarded to Michelin for, among many things, the company’s environmental initiatives over the past 12 months. Michelin is one of the few tire OEMs to commit to 2048 sustainability targets, and its many product innovations include RF-free resin, for which the company spent nine years and 35 patents researching and developing replacement chemicals.

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