ResiCare and the circular economy at Michelin.

ResiCare is fully committed to Michelin’s circular economy by focusing its activities around the 4 R's: renew, reuse, recycle and reduce. Discover Virginie, in charge of customer success, giving a presentation during a forum at the Michelin research center.


A special bond

Amid surrounding the health and environmental impacts of resorcinol and formaldehyde latex-based adhesives, two recently announced proiects could see a new standard set in tire cord dipping technology.

Michelin debuts new high-performance adhesive

CLERMONT-FERRAND, France—Michelin will be leaving an old industry standard behind with some of its lines of tires later this year. After more than nine years of research and development, the company is launching a new high-performance resin adhesive designed for bonding textiles, Michelin’s Industrial Director Olivier Furnon said.

Olivier Furnon, Michelin's Industrial Director