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How we work.


At ResiCare, we share 5 "action modes" that we characterize and cherish. These values shape the way our team daily operates.

ResiCare - Resin formulation


Our research is based on the will to do things differently to reinforce and to perpetuate the company thanks to the last technology and always more quirky ideas.


Because we are fortunate enough to be starting from “a blank sheet of paper”, exploration is the heart of our work. To move forward, we act depending on what we know: by reasoning in terms of affordable losses rather than in terms of potential gains.

ResiCare - Team Building


Between us, we know how to help each other and to carry out actions in the collective interest without expecting anything in return.

ResiCare - TechTex2


Each team member brings a different contribution and approach. Complementary acknowledge the diversity of personality to cover different activities.


Despite the complexity of our business, we want to be ingenious and make the effort to make simple and smart solutions happens.

séparateur resicare


Our management system is non-pyramidal, based on responsibility. How?

  • By promoting initiative and autonomy (autonomy budget)
  • By developing “inspiring and exemplary” leadership
  • By identifying the development mission of people

Our non-hierarchical structure is based on a cross organization between trades and commando.

  • Profession: defines the tactics of his field of expertise and carries out the research in a transversal way. Ensures the adequacy of technical team.
  • Commando: develop the business with a client vision.
Commando & Process - - ResiCare


Blooming circle ResiCare

We want each team member to develop within ResiCare thanks to this blooming circle.


  • Autonomy
  • non-hierarchic
  • steady support

"Working at ResiCare is truly a unique experience! Whether it be on a human level, with unfailing team complementarity and open-mindedness / daily benevolence, we feel comfortable asserting who we are, opening up to others, dare to speak up and bring your point of view even if it is different from the others."

"ResiCare is a company in which it's great to work with a dynamic enthusiastic team and non-hierarchic organization."

séparateur resicare



We believe in interactions, in the generation of new ideas through collective intelligence, in the confrontation of points of view, in the value of exchanges with colleagues and in the importance of mutual knowledge among team members.

We also believe in the importance of work/life balance for a fulfilling professional life.

That's why we support remote working in a flexible way, without forgetting the crucial importance of group dynamics.


Working at ResiCare is also the possibility to benefit from pleasing working spaces. Laboratories, workshops, open-spaces...

Whatever your profession, you benefit from a comfortable working environment.


ResiCare continue to grow and to scale-up so is the team. In addition to our action's modes, several rituals are keys to apprehend the company's identity.

  • Performance rituals enable the sharing of operational information on a weekly basis, tactical information monthly and strategic information every six months.
  • Cohesion rituals are events dedicated to the employer brand and aim to strengthen cohesion and team spirit. 2J, birthday, beer commando…


Based on the Michelin premises of "La Combaude", ResiCare benefits from an industrial plant environment certified "ISO 14001:2015" which relied on a continuous improvement of environmental management.

If you have any other questions or need information about something, feel free to contact us !

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