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Quality Policy.

Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

Because we believe that the preservation of health and the environment is a foundation for human development, we passionately innovate to make the industry ever safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Proud of our action modes, we want to make possible a safer and more secure environment for future generations through the quality of our products and services.

ResiCare's mission is to responsibly contribute to the progress of the industry by developing non-toxic * resins that meet the needs of our customers and bring them satisfaction. (*: No substances that meet the SVHC criteria as defined by ECHA). In line with the values of the Michelin Group, we intend to do so in an efficient and responsible way for the Company's customers, staff, shareholders and partners. We respond to the challenges of sustainable economic, environmental and social development.

Quality is our commitment to facilitate the service of our customers, build their trust and maintain relationships with stakeholders. They benefit from an unequalled experience and a quality of service among the best. Each of us must be a player in the continuous improvement of our quality management system and commit to sincerely communicate and comply with existing regulations.

Because we believe in the personal development of each of us, we want to give all means to express the best of ourselves and we want to make a richness of our complementarity.

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